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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."  Roger Caras

At Mission Valley Hunt, we love our hounds.  They are the foundation of our sport and have the ultimate right of way in the field. The Foxhound is our breed and of course we think they are the finest of all dogs.  They are our partners and friends and we take their welfare very seriously.  Their huntsman lives on site where they are loved, cared for and exercised daily.

Of course, everyone believes that their dog is the best and they aren't wrong but here are a few reasons that we believe that these amazing animals really are!

  • Their personality - Foxhounds are gentle, loving and tolerant.  They thrive in a group setting and are not happy left alone.

  • Their noses -  Hounds have an almost unfathomable sense of smell.   To put it into perspective, let's use our vision as an analogy.  If we humans can see clearly 1/3rd of a mile away, a hound could see clearly for 3000 miles!  Their ability to track a scent trail that is hours old is incredible to watch.

  • Their drive - Our hounds are never happier than when they hear the huntsman's horn.  When they see him coming with their GPS collars, they go wild with excitement knowing that its "game day".

The English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is known for his sturdy "straight as an post" legs and deep chest.  His back is perfectly level.  He is heavy- boned, swift and powerful.  Gentle and agreeable in nature, the English Foxhound is also driven by his primal instinct to pursue.   Once he has found the "line", very few things can call him away.  His large lung capacity gives him the stamina to run for hours.

The American Foxhound
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Sleek and rangy hunters, the American Foxhound is known for his speed and endurance.  He has his long legs, larger ears and slightly rounded back.  Our American Hounds are Walker hounds, known among houndsmen as the "People's Choice" for their gentle and pleading expression.  But don't be fooled, Walkers are built to cover maximum ground with minimal effort.  Those long legs can really move!

The Crossbred Hound
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The best of both worlds, the Crossbred Hound is just that - a combination of English and American blood.  He is bred for characteristics that benefit the area of the U.S. in which they work.  Our Crossbreds are not only bred for speed but for biddability - the desire to stay together and  the willingness to obey the direction of the huntsman.   This trait is critical in areas where traffic and other hazards are present.

Think a foxhound might be right for you? 

Consider adoption!


Just like some of us aren't singers or football stars, some hounds prefer a warm fire and a belly rub to a day in the field.  MVH occasionally has hounds available for adoption.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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