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Over 90 years of tradition and fun.

Mission Valley Hunt was formed in 1927 by a group of businessmen in the Kansas City area.  The original club house and kennels were located at 83rd and Mission Road.  

Through the decades the hunt has moved south from the city, sometimes straddling the Kansas and Missouri state line. The hunt spent many good years based out of the rural Stanley area of Johnson County, Kansas. That area consisted of about 70% cover, much of which is full standing timber with rock ledges here and there and enough fence lines to cause additional detours. The remaining 30% was open ground, much of it plowed row crop fields. Generous hunt members made their farms available for kenneling the hounds and hunting.  ​However, this once rural hunt country was being swallowed up by development and sales by the late 1970's.

​Fortunately for Mission Valley Hunt, some members had a larger vision and purchased a former gun hunting club. This land was in proximity to land owned by a member in Miami County Kansas.  This purchase in 1984 would become the new home for the hunt beginning in 1986. This 800 acre fixture is the current home for the Huntsman and the kennels.  It was turned into a Kansas Land Trust property in 2002.  We also benefit from our very generous landowners who allow us to access their lovely land during the hunting season. Our terrain is a mixture of row crop fields, open rolling pastures and dense woods with creek crossings.  

In 2008, Mission Valley Hunt MFH W. Stueck made available a new fixture in rural Cass County, Missouri.  The beautiful fixture is rolling cropland and woods intersected by creeks. In 2011 we expanded to a fixture in Williamsburg, KS. The fixture is a blend of vast cropland, rolling pastures and woods intersected by creeks. In 2012 two additional fixtures were added located in Chase County. These fixtures are on several expansive cattle ranches of several thousand acres in the historic Flint Hills of eastern Kansas. 

Master of Foxhounds

​1904                             HMC Low

1927-1932                     Ralph Natziger

1930-1935                    Ralph Jurden

1932-1952                     James M. Kemper

1936-1937                     Charles Luger

1937-1948                     Mrs. J.V. Holmes

1952-1980                    Mrs. George Bunting

1952-1954                     James O. Mitchell

1955-1957                      Carol Durand

1957-1959                      James M. Kemper

1967-2002                    Tom Reck

1976-1985                      David Beals

1981-1985                      Woody Longan

1986-2002                    G. Kenneth Baum

1986-                             William Stueck

2002-2007                    Dr. Robert Smith

2007-2013                     Jill Turner

2007-2013                     Sandy Longan

2011- 2021                    Connie Marshall

2013-                             Dr. Jane Jeffries

​2014-                             Dr. Melanie Martin​​

2022-                             Leslie Owen

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Masters Gallery

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