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What We Do
This is our passion.

Mission Valley Hunt Club is an equestrian riding and hound club that embraces the "thrill of the chase" that our hounds love.  We follow our hounds on horseback as they track the scent of various quarry across countryside.  Much like a dog field trial, watching our amazing hounds work to find a scent or "line" is the name of the game.  The game begins when the scent is found and we join behind the huntsman and hounds as they trail the invisible line of a coyote or fox with their astonishing noses.   The game ends when the coyote cunningly outsmarts the hounds and "goes to ground" into his den or the scent is lost.  The huntsman calls the hounds back with his horn and praises their efforts as the hunt ends for the day.  Many is the day that the "field" views the coyote stopping to look back to see if the hounds are keeping up!

Our doors are open to riders of any kind who have a helmet, a suitable horse and a passion for adventure.  We have expertly led groups or "fields" for all skill levels so that anyone can safely enjoy the ride.  From the first field flying over fences to the walk-trot spectator field, there's a place for everyone at Mission Valley Hunt Club.  Western riders are always welcome.

Mission Valley goes out twice weekly from September to April.  In the off season, we enjoy trail rides, hound walks on foot and horseback and social gatherings.

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